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Legal Network for Truthful Elections monitors canvassing nationwide

Released May 2007 To prevent widespread and systematic fraud during the canvassing of tallied votes, the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) has deployed more than 10,000 lawyers, law students, paralegals and other trained volunteers nationwide to monitor the canvassing process. “Monitoring the elections goes beyond May 14. Our work […]

Commission on Human Rights and LENTE partner for clean and honest elections

Released May 2007 The Commission on Human Rights and the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) have signed an agreement to perform complementary tasks to “achieve clean, honest, orderly and credible national and local elections.” The Memorandum of Agreement was signed by CHR Chairperson Purificacion C. Quisimbing and LENTE Co-convenors […]

DIY affidavit

Do It Yourself Affidavit for Reports and Complaints

This is some dummy copy. You’re not really supposed to read this dummy copy, it is just a place holder for people who need some type to visualize what the actual copy might look like if it were real content.

Law students to help check malpractice

Source: Gulf News (Published 11 May 2007) MANILA—Thousands of law students have been approached to assist lawyers who will act as counsels for teachers and poll watchdogs as they handle complaints in the run-up to the national elections later this week. The Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) aims to […]

3,000 law students join anti-poll fraud network

Source: Malaya Online (Published 11 May 2007) Around 3,000 law and paralegal students from the Ateneo de Manila University, Lyceum of the Philippines and Manuel L. Quezon University have volunteered for active roles in preventing election fraud through the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE). LENTE is looking to deploy […]

Escalating the watch

Source: (Published 14 April 2007) MANILA, Philippines—Just as the technology of cheating in the elections has graduated from such crude tactics as buying votes, using guns and goons to intimidate opponents and voters, and stealing and stuffing ballot boxes to more sophisticated mechanisms like “dagdag-bawas” [vote-padding and vote-shaving] at […]

Teacher details poll cheating in province

Source: (Published 21 May 2007) MANILA, Philippines—It happened in the dead of night, hours before the polling precincts opened. With armed guards supposedly watching over them, they were forced to fill blank ballots with the names of Team Unity senatorial candidates, starting with Luis “Chavit” Singson and Prospero Pichay. […]

Election watchdogs step up activities

Source: (Published 15 May 2007) Church-based and militant poll watchdog groups on Tuesday stepped up their efforts to thwart various forms of poll irregularities. The groups released email addresses, landlines and cell phone where the public can send in reports of intimidation, snatching and irregularities. “Di lang ang mga […]

2007 Elections: Eye Witness Reports

Although the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) was established to monitor only the canvassing of votes (which began in 15 May 2007), people had been calling up the LENTE hotline to report irregularities they observed on election day. LENTE’s nationwide pool of lawyers, paralegals, and law students also sent […]

An iconic photo of the EDSA Revolution

Time to go back to our beginnings

The question must have crossed your minds as it has crossed mine on occasions such as this the past twenty-three years–why am I here? I know that you are all giving up many things to be here today and in volunteering for LENTE. You are not here for the money, […]