Our Team

The Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) is established in 2007 in response to widescale and systematic fraud during the past elections. LENTE is the first and only non-partisan, nationwide network of lawyers, law students, paralegals and other trained volunteers engaged to do election work. Aside from monitoring the canvassing of tallied votes in cities, municipalities, and provinces around the country, LENTE provides must-know information on election laws and punishable offenses, and voters’ rights in general. LENTE mobilizes up to 3,000 volunteers to help other non-partisan groups ensure transparent and truthful elections.

LENTE staff and volunteers


LENTE is committed to ensuring truthful elections and meaningful electoral participation for the good of the Filipino people.


LENTE envisions a genuinely and participatory democratic Philippine society with an informed, empowered and engaged citizenry, where LENTE serves as a steadfast guardian of a credible and accessible electoral system.


  • To conduct public education activities on the Philippines electoral system

  • To lobby and advocate for electoral reforms that would ensure the credibility of the electoral process and restore the citizens’ trust in the Philippine democracy

  • To pursue criminal and administrative cases against violators of election laws

  • To strengthen institutional ties among various citizen’s arms and other organizations for networking, collaboration and coordination of projects and activities

  • To monitor the conduct of elections