“Just vote. – LENTE”


The Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) would like to call on the voters of Puerto Princesa to ignore the tense and confusing environment that the recall election has created in the city and just vote in the electoral exercise 2 days from now.

“It is understandable that some people would be turned off by the events in the city leading to the recall election.  But these events should be treated as more of a catalyst for people to exercise their right to vote and for people to monitor that their votes are truly counted,” answered LENTE’s Acting Executive Director Atty. Rona Ann V. Caritos, when asked on the effect of the tense and confusing environment on the city voters.

Atty. Takahiro Kenjie Aman, one of LENTE’s volunteer lawyers, called on the police and the COMELEC to work doubly hard in maintaining the peace and order situation in all voting centers.  “This is to ensure voter safety and security.  Ensurance of such would translate to more voters exercising their right to suffrage,” added Atty. Aman.

LENTE also called on all stakeholders to guard against vote buying and vote selling.  “These two electoral offenses were identified as the two most common offenses to be committed in the recall election.  We implore all candidates to not resort to vote buying or vote selling.  We ask the police and COMELEC to be more vigilant, in accosting vote buyers and vote sellers.  We also ask the voters to report such incidents to the police or to us if they would be able to witness or see such,” added Atty. Caritos.

LENTE will be monitoring the recall election in cooperation with the PPCRV-Puerto Princesa Chapter.



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Atty. Rona Ann V. Caritos
Acting Executive Director-LENTE

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