Eleksyon 2013: How to handle PCOS machines in cases of malfunction, sabotage, catastrophe

Uncategorized May 13, 2013 11:20 AM

Released 13 May 2013

Some of the most common reports the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) has been receiving from its volunteers are related to PCOS machines. Isolated problems in several municipalities include delayed delivery of the machines, defective units, deviations in the actual practice as instructed by the Commission on Elections.

Other volunteers observed concerns and difficulty in finding names on the voters’ list, unauthorized handling of various election paraphernalia by members of the Board of Election Inspectors.

Despite several reports of election-related violence, it has been a peaceful pre-election period in general. The most rampant violation in the hours leading up to the opening of the polls were incidents of vote buying and vote selling especially on the local level. Numerous LENTE volunteers independently reported such incidents in several municipalities in the country.

To enlighten BEIs, the media, and Filipino voters of the proper conduct in an automated election, LENTE has prepared several flowcharts in handling PCOS machines.

Contingency plan when PCOS machines malfunction

PCOS malfunction

Download file here: Contingency for PCOS malfunction

Contingency plan during sabotage, robbery or other similar circumstances

PCOS sabotage

Download file here: Handling PCOS machines during sabotage

Contingency plan during catastrophe

PCOS malfunction

Download file here: Handling PCOS machines during catastrophe


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