Eleksyon 2013: Beware of “gapang”

Blog,For Release,Press May 12, 2013 8:52 PM

Released 12 May 2013

The Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE) is all geared up for the midterm elections tomorrow, 13 May 2013. With presence in almost all municipalities throughout the country, LENTE volunteers are trained to provide legal assistance, monitor compliance with election laws and regulations, and exact accountability from various election players. LENTE reminds voters to be level-headed despite the possible presence of long lines in the polling stations, glitches in the PCOS machines, and other problems in the management of the polling places.

Moreover, LENTE calls on voters to be vigilant about old school fraud like vote-buying, threats and intimidation, illegal voting and other election law violations. Atty. Ona Caritos, LENTE executive director, specifically mentioned “gapang” which usually happens the night before the elections, with candidates and their campaign teams going to each voter’s house with goods and money in hopes to convince people to vote for them.

For incident reports, LENTE may be reached through the following hotlines: (02) 403-2249 / 0917-6023228 / 0939-3524295.

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