Do It Yourself Affidavit for Reports and Complaints

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DIY affidavit
DIY affidavit

What is an affidavit?

It is a written narrative of facts and circumstances personally known to an affiant (person filing the affidavit).

Affidavits must be:

  • Made immediately after the event while memory is still fresh

  • In a language used by affiant

  • As detailed as possible and written in chronological order

  • Written in numbered paragraphs (one thought per paragraph)

  • Dated, signed and notarized

Sample affidavit

Republic of the Philippines     )
Quezon City                                   ) s. s.


            I, ____________________, of legal age, Filipino, resident of _________________, and with assistance of counsel, do hereby state under oath that:

TO THE TRUTH OF THE FOREGOING, I have signed this Affidavit on ____________ (date).


Name of Affiant

            SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me in the City of ___________________ on this day of ___________________, affiant exhibiting before me his/her ________________ issued on ____________________
at __________________________.

Atty. _______________________________
Notary Public for ___(place commissioned)__

Commission Serial No. __________________

Until (date)
(Office Address)
Roll of Attorney No.
PTR No. ____ / issued at _____ / on ______
IBP No. ____ / issued at _____ / on  ______

Doc. No.
Page No.
Book No.
Series of 2013.


Download a customizable file here

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