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Top Election Offenses

Top Election Offenses and How to Spot Them

From registration of voters to the canvassing of ballots, here are common offenses we should watch out: Registration of voters Unlawful exclusion of registered voters or inclusion of fictitious voters or unapproved application forms (Dagdag-Bawas) Annulment of Book of Voters when prepared thru fraud, bribery, impersonation, intimidation or contains data […]

Election Offenses on Electoral Contributions and Expenses

Preliminaries on Electoral Contributions and Expenditures What does the term “contribution” include under the Omnibus Election Code? The term “contribution” includes gift, donation, subscription, loan, advance or deposit of money or anything of value, or a contract, promise or agreement to contribute, whether or not legally enforceable, made for the […]

Introduction to Election Offenses

What are the election laws that provide for election offenses? The following are the laws and their respective sections which provide for election offenses: Art. XXII, Sections 261 and 262 of Batas Pambansa Blg. 881, “Omnibus Elections Code of the Philippines” Section 27 of Republic Act No. 6646, “The Electoral Reforms […]