Contingency Procedures as per COMELEC Resolution No.10101

Here are the simplified step-by-step procedures to address certain contingencies in the election process as per Comelec Resolution No.10101:

For Provincial/District/City/Municipal Board of Canvassers:

  1. All or majority of the tokens are unavailable

sd card not available

2. SD card is not available

sd card not available

3. There is sabotage, robbery, and other similar circumstances:

sabotage, robbery

4. There is power supply interruption (brownout/blackout)

power interruption

5. All or majority of BOC PINS/Passwords are unavailable

pins or password unavailable

6. Network failure

network failure

7. Consolidation and Canvassing System malfunctions

ccs malfunctions

8. There is a catastrophe: fire, flood, earthquake and others


Contingency Procedures Applicable to the Vote Counting Machine:

  1. Ballot jam

flowchart_ballot jam

2. Battery discharged after FTS

flowchart_battery discharged after fts

3. Both SD cards became defective after scanning some ballots

flowchart_both sd cards defective after scanning ballots

4. Any of the 2 SD cards failed

flowchart_both sd cards failed

5. Incorrect date/time on the election returns

flowchart_date or time in ER incorrect

6. Incorrect date/time on the VCM

flowchart_incorrect time or date

7. Official ballots are misdelivered

flowchart_misdelivered ballots

8. No VCMT in place

flowchart_no vcmt in place

9. Power failure

flowchart_power failure

10. Printer does not work

flowchart_printer does not work

11. Thermal paper jam

flowchart_thermal paper jam

12. VCM does not shut down

flowchart_vcm does not shut down

13. VCM does not write protect the data

flowchart_vcm does not write protect data

14. VCM hash does not match published hash code based on FTS

flowchart_vcm hash code does not match

15. VCMT cannot send report to the NTSC or NTSC cannot be reached

flowchart_vcmt cannot send report to ntsc

16. CCS hash code does not match published hash code based on FTS

hash code ccs


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